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Solaxx designs and develops user friendly systems at affordable pricing for residential swimming pools. We invent, test & market only products that provide value beyond anything currently available in the market. Ethically, Solaxx strives to maintain truthfulness in our advertising, product claims, warranty procedures & customer relations at all times and under all conditions.

Our in house team of engineers design products specifically for residential pools for more than ten years. Product R&D is conducted first with laboratory protocols for product efficacy and then beta tested in residential pools to determine real world performance. No product is introduced until it has passed our internal performance standards, which are among the most stringent in the industry.

Customer Service

Live knowledgeable customer service agents are available Monday thru Friday 9am-5pm ready to help customers with product related questions or just basic pool maintenance. Solaxx views customer service interactions as opportunities to resolve situations quickly and easily. In addition to our live agents, offers many additional portals to get answers to your questions, including community blogs that answer common questions from poolowners like you.


Solaxx is able to offer the strongest warranties available as a result of our attention to detail. We are continuously examining and improving all parts of our business in order to provide the best possible experience for our customers. Genuine quality is reflected in the satisfaction of more than 100,000 customers of Solaxx systems.


We have designed and developed many awesome products. Just take a look.


Solaxx by AquaComfort Solutions offers the leading ultraviolet and ozone solutions for pool water. Designed to kill harmful bacteria, viruses, and other contaminants that can get into a pool, powerful UV rays and ozone work to break down microorganisms at the molecular level, leaving your pool clean, clear, and beautifully sanitized.

  • Reniassance UV & Ozone U/V & Ozone System
  • Nuvo UV Sanitizer Inground UV System
  • Nuvo UV Sanitizer Above Ground UV System


Looking for a convenient and reliable way to sanitize your in-ground or above-ground saltwater pool and cut down on chemical expenses? Look no further than inline chlorine generators from Solaxx by AquaComfort Solutions, your premier choice for effective water sanitation options. Designed to be ultra-compact and easy to use, these models offer simple installation and user convenience for the production of soft, natural chlorine to keep your water beautiful.

  • Reliant Chlorine Generator Inline Chlorine Generator
  • Salt3 Chlorine and Ozone Generator
  • Reliant AG Chlorine Generator Above Ground Inline Chlorine Generator

  • Resilience D Series Resilience D Series
  • Resilience E Series Resilience E Series


DIY Chlorine Generator solutions for spa sanitation and above-ground pool needs are here with options from Solaxx by AquaComfort Solutions. Our chlorine generators are designed to give you complete control over your water quality, allowing you to create clean, safe water that is free from harmful bacteria and contaminants. With DIY Chlorine Generators, you'll have an easy way to experience water that is beautifully clean without the need for harsh chemicals.

  • Saltron Mini Spa Chlorine Generator
  • Saltron Retro Above Ground Chlorine Generator


Checking your pool water is easy with Solaxx digital chemistry readers and accessories. Safe and accurate, you'll never need test strips to check your pool chemicals and salt. Simply dip your tester into your pool water for quick, accurate results at the touch of a button with Solaxx readers and accessories from AquaComfort Solutions.

  • SafeDip 6 in 1 Digital Chemistry Reader
  • SaltDip 2 in 1 Digital Salt Reader
  • SaltDip Pro Salt Dip Pro 2 in 1 Digital Salt Reader
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Saltron Retro

DIY Chlorine Generator

Up to 20,000 Gallons

Eko Klor

Solar Ionizer

For Pools and Spa


Inline Chlorine Generator

From 15,000 to 40,000 Gallon Pools



Pools up to 35,000 Gallons

Saltron Mini

Spa Chlorine Generator

DIY Chlorine Generator for spas


6 in 1 Digital Chemistry Reader

Easy to read and use

Salt Dip

2 in 1 Digital Salt Meter

Easy Salt PPM Reader


UV Sanitizer

UV Sanitizer For Pools and Spa

Pool Heating and Cooling Solutions Too!

We not only treat your water but we can heat or cool your pool too!

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