Renaissance UV and Ozone

Renaissance combines an Ultraviolet Sterilization Chamber with the power of pure oxygen (Ozone) to treat your water. These two naturally powerful processes eliminate 99.99% of all contaminants in water and reduce the use of pool chemicals up to 80%. No toxic chemicals are used, no metals or minerals, only pure light and pure oxygen.

How it Works

Using the existing pool pump, water is circulated through the Renaissance Chamber where it is sterilized to the quality of drinking water and then returned to the pool.

Renaissance automatically regulates water flow through the chamber for maximum sterilization and minimum impact on other equipment. Engineered for use with single, dual and variable speed pumps

Uses no chemicals, minerals or metals, just pure light and pure oxygen.

Renaissance UV and Ozone

Sleek and beautiful, the Renaissance Power Supply controls all functions of the UV/Ozone chamber. LED lights on the command center indicate the status of the system. At the same time, the status is also displayed in a deep blue perimeter light that surrounds the face of the power supply. This blue glow allows Renaissance owners to view the status of their system without going into the equipment pad area. No detail has been overlooked in making Renaissance incredibly effective and truly dramatic.

Technical Specs

Max Pool Size

35,000 Gallons

Max Pressure

50 PSI



Head Loss

<5 Feet @ 100gpm

Bulb Wattage

57 Watts

UV Performance

30 mj/cm2
Regulated Flow

Ozone Output

400 mg/hr

110v or 220V

Both Available

Dry Fire Protection



2 Years